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HARANA the Movie (DVD)

"HARANA is a shining testament to the music and soul of a rich and complex culture, a glorious ode to things lost and the things we cannot afford to lose, and a nostalgic record for future generations."

- Melbourne International Film Festival

(Includes Featurettes, Deleted Scenes and Commentary)
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Better Together (DVD & CD)

HARANA the Movie DVD &
Introducing the HARANA KINGS CD Combo

Award winning film and its companion album Introducing the Harana Kings makes a complete musicological and cultural treasure.

"Music that leaves behind the glow of romance." - J. Weisberg, VARIETY Magazine

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Introducing THE HARANA KINGS is the result of Florante Aguilar's search for master singers of harana, a vanished Filipino custom of serenading, as documented in the film HARANA.

"The beauty of the music is emotionally overwhelming." - Joel Shepard, Film Curator, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

HARANA Scholastic Edition

Harana Scholastic Edition
Essential addition to school libraries of all levels. A must for Philippine and Asian Studies. Includes study guide and research articles. Also, includes license for school screening as well as mobile devices.

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